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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Blue Cat's Axiom v1.0.0 CE-V.RBechstein Digital C. Bechstein Digital Grand v1.1.0 KONTAKTNative Instruments Kontakt v5.8.0 macOSOblivion Sound Lab Neon Circuits for u‑he Diva H2P-SYNTHiC4TEImpact Soundworks ALLURA Volume 1 WAV KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TESound Reproduction : The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms, Third EditionKORG Collection updates - 2018 04 17 Win - Fixed Patch Only



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R2R said Installing the latest waves (PC) Xfer Records Skins - FLAT2 ( Preorder X Half Price ) The bass sound for any device. Fabfilter Pro-L2 not properly working R2R 24 Hour Audiosex Mix Competition: CASH PRIZE! Kontakt Wallpaper Request & Comments Using reference tracks with toneboosters morphit. Please Help with installing Waves for MAC/OSX Best Orchestral Strings for Rock and Pop?


Windows, Mac OSX
UVi Workstation v3.0.0 x64 VST RTAS AU AAX WIN MAC [FREE] screenshot
26.04.2018 | x64 VST RTAS AU AAX WIN MAC | 250MB
Version 3 brings a new user interface design for an even smoother workflow, UI scaling and integrated favorites tagging.

A completely free multitimbral instrument that provides integrated effects and arpeggiator, unlimited parts, live performance features, and a smooth real-time workflow, UVI Workstation is our powerful sample player and more. With over 15 years of development under the hood, UVI Workstation is a tested, proven and trusted industry staple. We continue this journey with Version 3, focused on creating an even more optimized workflow by bringing in a new UI design, Favorites tagging, and UI scaling to adapt to all user screens.
Samples » loops
Audio Crate Vox Vol.2 WAV [FREE] screenshot
26.04.2018 | WAV | 25 MB
A second helping of vox sounds await in this free pack which contains a total of 20 high-quality sounds for you to enjoy and incorporate into your productions! Some carefully placed vox can make the difference between an ‘okay’ track and an amazing track, potentially acting as valuable call-and-response audio feedback if paired with vocals. Experiment and see how far you can expand on their use; remember your options are only ever limited by your imagination…
Samples » loops
RMDY Supreme Drums WAV [FREE] screenshot
25.04.2018 | WAV | 5 MB
Rap and hip-hop producers are never left with a lack of high-quality drum kits to add to their sound collection, and for good reason… You can never have too many sounds available at your disposal! This set of ‘supreme drums’ consists of 25 sounds, encompassing hi-hats, kicks and snares, plus more… It’s not the largest set you’ll find on the Earth but certainly a worthwhile endeavour if you needed an extra drum kit to upgrade your collection quickly!
Samples » loops
Trakoss Amazing Bass Vol.2 WAV [FREE] screenshot
24.04.2018 | WAV | 84 MB
A second volume of high-quality bass sounds to employ in your productions wisely… The pack is comprised of 85 ‘basses and growls’ which could significantly improve the quality of your productions’ bass, so do not hesitate to experiment with the sounds and see how you could use them in new and interesting ways! For example, there’s no reason you couldn’t chop or edit the sounds to adapt them into effective transition FX for your music in various genres…
loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Beat-Manufaktur Piano Loops Vol.2 WAV MiDi [FREE] screenshot
24.04.2018 | WAV | MiDi | 260 MB
10 royalty free piano loops with midifiles.

In case you just couldn’t get enough of the first volume of free and high-quality piano loops and MIDI files, the producer returns with a valuable second volume! Whether wanting to add some classical appeal to your productions or just seeking to expand your sound library with something surprisingly a little different to the norm, there could be a lot of opportunities for you to find the sounds useful in a multitude of genres. Thank the producer for releasing the sounds royalty-free to the masses!
Software » Mac OSX
Sampleson Melox v0.1.0 VST AU MAC [FREE] screenshot
23.04.2018 | VST AU MAC | 30 MB

We've capturer everything from a melodica. Even the key noises and air sounds. And we captured articulations from real playing. Meaning we play a song along (Autum Leaves in fact) and we stop playing on every note we want to capture as a new articulation. This technique makes MELOX Virtual Melodica sound like a real one.
Software » Mac OSX
Sampleson Brushify Drums v0.0.1 x64 VST AU MAC [FREE] screenshot
22.04.2018 | x64 VST AU MAC | 31 MB
Brushify is a simple and lovely brush drums kit. Dynamic layering and round robins. 4 exclusive keys to emulate real brush sweep.

Recreating sweepy sounds of brushes is hard, but we made it. How? Adding 4 dedicated keys and layered with both sound (hit + sweep). Each note contains dynamic programmed layers combining sweeps and hits in a natural way. This gives you the feeling of playing a real snare.

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