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I've spent my life trying to make things simpler. Because I find ultimately that complicated doesn't reach the heart. (c) Hans Zimmer


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Education » Video Tutorials
Udemy Produce Music in 5 Minutes TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 10 April 2018 | 107 MB
Produce, Mix & Arrange

This course is designed for on the go learning. Its a short course, outlining the three key stages of Music production and Composition. Using Logic Pro X, This course is the perfect starter pack for aspiring producers wanting to increase there efficiency and competency in developing quick ideas. Making a beat that will blow up the charts, should start with a good feeling and a forward thinking motion. Throughout this course, Jay addresses all the things you need to know about creating, mixing and arranging production to suit the needs of your clients.
Video Tutorials, Literary
TGC Video Great Music of the Twentieth Century TUTORiAL screenshot
P2P | 10 April 2018 | 3.78 GB
The 20th century was a breeding ground of musical exploration, innovation, and transformation unlike any other era in history. Breaking with the traditions of the past, early 20th-century composers upended the old order of concert music, igniting both passionate admiration and white-hot controversy with works such as Claude Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, whose ethereal, otherworldly sonic textures initiated musical modernism; and Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, whose jarring primitivism and the near-riot of its premiere are the stuff of musical legend.
Education » Video Tutorials
Music Composition Rhythm Percussion screenshot
ilfsn | 1.5 Hours | 1.63GB
Learn how to Effectively use Rhythm & Percussion in Music Composition
You will be able to Create your own Balanced and Powerful Rhythmic Sound Kits
You will be able to Compose Rhythmic Performances with Expression and Variation
You will be able to Direct the Listeners attention and Lead your Music Story with Rhythm


Education » Video Tutorials
JTC - Jess Lewis - 3 by me screenshot

Publisher: Jamtrack Central | Language: English
Video: MP4, 640x360 (16:9), 25.00 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps 2 channels
Size: 45 Mb | Includes Tabs, Video & Jamtracks

The time has now come for Jess to show her hand when it comes to constructing her own solos. Once again Jess proves what an incredible player she is!
Over the last 4 years Jess Lewis has repeatedly proven that she can recreate some of the toughest solos note for note. As a result her worldwide reputation has rocketed, as she notches up millions of YouTube hits.
Education » Video Tutorials
TrueFire 50 Funk Guitar Licks You Must Know TUTORiAL DVDR-BX8 screenshot
Team BX8 | 2013-02-22 | 1.29 GB
Recording artist, stunt guitarist and TrueFire's Professor of the deep and unwieldy, Chris Buono presents another hand-picked collection of 50 Funk Guitar Licks You MUST Know. Buono's handpicked range of phrases, concepts and techniques delivers a wide variety of classic, contemporary and underground funk styles to help guide your development of the tools, techniques and vocabulary required to majorly power up your funk chops.
Education » Video Tutorials
JTC - Chris Eaton :  Creative Slide Masterclass screenshot

Publisher: Jamtrack Central | Language: English
Video: MP4, 1280x720 (16:9), 25.00 fps
Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps 2 channels
Size: 197 Mb | Includes Tabs, Video & Jamtracks

Equipped with this brand new masterclass by Chris Eaton, you'll finally learn to master the fundamentals of behind the slide fretting and creative slide playing!
Slide guitar has an instantly recognisable and highly versitile sound to it, we know you've heard it in certain tracks and thought 'Man... I wish I could play slide like THAT!'. So when a player with as much slide finesse as Chris comes to the studio to lay everything out for you, you just know he'll have you creatively jamming out with that bottleneck in no time! If you've ever wanted to master the art of slide playing, this package is exactly where you start!
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Chris Buono's 60 Electric Guitar Techniques You MUST Know screenshot

MP4 + PDF + GP5 | 1,08 GB | 2Hr 21 min
Video : 960 x 540 - 16/9 - 29.970 im/S - 973 kB/S
Audio : AAC - 125 Kb/s - 48 Khz - 2 channels

More so than any other instrument, the electric guitar presents guitarists with a seemingly endless range of right and left-hand techniques to embellish their rhythm playing, solos, and improvisations. What are all of those techniques? How do you play them? Why is important for you to know them? And how do they appear in tab or notation?
There’s no one better qualified to answer all of those questions than Chris Buono, our Professor of the Deep. Chris does exactly that and more in this Electric Guitar Technique and Notation Handbook — the definitive video reference guide on the subject!
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Steve Lasner - Blues Expose screenshot

MP4 + MP3+ PDF + GP5 | 1,37 GB | 2Hr 53 min
Video : 854 x 480 - 16/9 - 29.970 im/S - 956 kB/S
Audio : MP3 - 192 Kb/s - 48 Khz - 2 channels

Have you ever found yourself sitting down with another player, jamming long into the night, trading licks, discussing theory and picking up so many new moves and knowledge that you can hardly remember the half of it the next day? Of course - we all can!
This course started out as an experiment - take two pros, each with different backgrounds and expertise, have them collaborate much the way we do in the real world. But this time - film it all, break it down, and see what comes. The experiment developed into one of the most revealing blues courses we have in our library and thus the title - Blues Expose!
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Brad Carlton - Essential Techniques screenshot

MP4 + PDF | 676 MB | 1Hr 43 min
Video : 854x480 - 16/9 - 29.970 im/S - 882 kB/S
Audio : AAC - 128 Kb/s - 48 Khz - 2 channels

There's nothing "sexy" about this intensive from TrueFire's educational guru, Brad Carlton. No fancy moves, no killer licks, no theoretical epiphanies — absolutely nothing herein that will get your blood moving fast. Unless of course, you share the same attraction to the pain and suffering that pros have a penchant for while developing Top Gun left and right hand techniques. These techniques comprise the requisite tool kit for achieving the economy of motion and physical prowess necessary for monster play.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Brad Carlton - Speed, Precision & Endurance Vol 1 screenshot

MP4 + MP3+ PDF + GP5 | 805 MB | 1Hr 32 min
Video : 960x540 - 16/9 - 29.970 im/S - 1100 kB/S
Audio : MP3 - 320 Kb/s - 44,1 Khz - 2 channels

Intensive Examination of Technical Workouts & Approaches For Lead Guitar.
Speed, precision, and endurance are three important athletic components of a musician's skill set. Brad Carlton's Guitar Lab: Speed, Precision, & Endurance is designed to assist a guitarist to develop these principles. The concept of practicing in a rhythmic grid will be of paramount importance in all the studies throughout this course. You will learn various left hand techniques to assist you in developing speed decision and endurance. These techniques will include tapping, hammer ons, pull offs, and legato slides.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Brad Carlton - Speed, Precision & Endurance Vol 2 screenshot

MP4 + MP3+ PDF + GP5 | 763 MB | 1Hr 35 min
Video : 960x540 - 16/9 - 29.970 im/S - 1100 kB/S
Audio : MP3 - 128 Kb/s - 44,1 Khz - 2 channels

Welcome to the second volume of Guitar Lab: Speed, Precision & Endurance. Throughout this course, we'll be dealing with three note groups of adjacent notes through various modes. Each of these three note groups will be organized according to the intervals that occur between each pair of adjacent notes. This will allow you to compare various modes and see what stays the same and what changes. By practicing against the jam tracks, you'll reinforce your fingerboard knowledge, facility, and ability to "pre-hear" the various pitches of the different modes.

Education » Video Tutorials
Play Piano in 30 Days! - Start Playing NOW! screenshot
P2P | 3 Hours | 714MB
This course by PGN Piano is offering an a to z introduction to playing piano for those who have never played before, and those who are playing but want to learn more about piano music theory.

In this course you are going to learn about the names of the keys, the most important scales, chords, intervals and the circle of fifth's! You are also going to learn to play chord songs, and finally how to play any pop song you want, in less than ten minutes, or if you really work on it, in your first try!
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire - Brad Carlton - Guitar Lab : Scale Form Logic Vol 1 screenshot

MP4 + MP3+ PDF | 724 MB |
Video : 960x540 - 16/9 - 29.970 im/S - 1098 kB/S
Audio : MP3 - 128 Kb/s - 44,1 Khz - 2 channels

Hi, I'm Brad Carlton, and welcome to the first edition of Guitar Lab: Scale Form Logic.The guitar is not like the piano in terms of note location: There is redundancy, as the same pitch can be located in several places on the guitar fingerboard. This necessitates a system of organizing fingerings for chords, scales, and arpeggios. This course is designed to assist the guitarist in systematically studying this redundancy, which will allow access to the entire fingerboard in any key.
Education » Video Tutorials
Truefire Foundry - Terry Syrek - Lord Of The Strings : Sweep Picking screenshot

MP4 + MP3+ PDF + GP5 | 1,25 GB |
Video : 864x486 - 16/9 - 30 im/S - 1097 kB/S
Audio : MP3 - 192 Kb/s - 44,1 Khz - 2 channels

Lord of the Strings: Sweep Picking is an intensive journey into the realm of all things sweep picking. Designed for the intermediate to advanced player who wants to dominate in this integral technique of higher level rock guitar playing. This course will take you on a quest for true guitar wizardry.

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