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Overture 5 is the perfect choice for powerful yet easy to use notation software. The user interface has been designed specifically for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Most entry work, even sophisticated scoring techniques, can be done directly on the score with a minimum use of keystrokes, menus and dialog boxes. Simply put, Overture is the best composition tool available today.

Linear View:
Overture’s Linear View allows you to edit music using a single horizontal display of measures. You can also view and edit each measures’ MIDI data below the view with both views in sync.

Linear View screenshot

Touch screen assessment
Overture’s new touch enabled features allow you to work and navigate in ways you never imagined. Get hands-on and enjoy the fun of a touch interface. Swipe to scroll your score or close panels. Tap buttons and controls just like using your mouse. Tap and drag to control sliders and scrolling, swipe to do fast page turning, and pinch to zoom in and out. All common everyday actions can now be perform on your screen with your personal touch.

Touch screen assessment screenshot

MIDI Score Editing
Overture’s incredible MIDI capabilities can be edited directly on your score. Note start times, note durations, and velocities can be changed with your mouse by simply clicking and dragging. MIDI controller data can be added or edited on your score.

MIDI Score Editing screenshot

Precision MIDI Editing
Overture’s Track List and MIDI Data view give you the most powerful editing features among all notation programs. Many features are modeled after popular sequencers. Now that your VST/AU Instruments have been loaded and your score has been entered, its time to do the final tweaking to get that great sound. Open the Track List View to display your MIDI data ready to be edited. Easily draw in or erase existing data right before your eyes. View your MIDI data as raw data on a familiar staff or switch to a traditional Piano Roll, or if you wish to edit your MIDI data along with notation, simply click to switch to Linear View

Precision MIDI Editing screenshot

Changes since Sonic Scores Overture v5.1.1:

Update (5.5.1) - Dec 5, 2017

Added global controls for cue note and text size in Score>Engraver>Notes panel.
High hat symbol size has been changed to match plus symbol in percussion palette.
Display position of open high hat (x with circle) has been improved.
Added Always show at top and bottom options in bar number dialog.
Added tempo display range values in Data View.
Added two other types for Fermatas attached to notes/rests. This can be changed in its dialog by double clicking on the Fermata.
Replace two articulations with a new Legato-Dot and a Spiccato articulation. The one replaced were just inversion of previous articulations and were not needed.
Improved vertical spacing on some articulations.
Added feature in Track List view to display all controller data types contained in a measure.
– Right click on any measure and if it has controller data, a popup menu will display the data types.
– If you choose one of the data types, the controller lane will display the data type.
– This is very handy for finding and editing controller data.
Added the ability to hide/show individual staves on piano/organ systems. This is done using right click on the piano system.
Added ability to add Video hit points in the Track List view.
Added the ability to drag a Video Hit point in Track Data view to a new Bar/Beat/Clock location and the tempo(s) are adjusted to make keep the Video Hit point SMPTE time.
Images that are imported using the File>Import Image menu command are now attach to the page, not measure.
Added ability to stretch sides of an image.
Added the ability to drag a barline without measures being proportionally space. Do this by holding down the ctrl key while dragging.
Improved chord suffix spacing when using Groove font.
Added a Modified date field at bottom of Browser in New Score Dialog.
Added more symbols that are written in MusicXML files.
Part names are now saved with extracted parts.
Part title font changes and positioning are now saved with score.
System breaks, page breaks, and Make into system, and changing bar widths, now work on parts and are saved with the master score.
Add ability to select the first note in prev/next measure using Ctrl[cmd] arrows.
Added keyboard shortcuts for common navigation keys. Look at bottom of Edit Key commands dialog for Navigation section.

Fixed a crash with Kontakt on the Mac when opening its window.
Increased the db to gain slightly to match other applications. (Your scores will sound slightly louder)
Fixed a playback problem that cause expressions Note Duration percentage setting to not be turned off. NOTE: If using a staccato key switch, do not set Note duration in dialog.
Fixed a few problem with Plugin window that were in front of all others.
Fixed printing of imported images.
Fixed a few staff spacing problems and you can now drag them closer together.
Fixed problem that limited dragging chord baseline vertical distance.
Fixed tablature staff sizing problem in Track Inspector.
Fixed MIDI file import problem that would cause Overture to hang.
Fixed crash cause by pasting multiple tracks at end of score.
Fixed copy/past problem with slurs and hairpins.
Fixed problem that prevented dragging a barline with a key signature next to it.
Disabled chord playback when opening old Overture files.
Fixed a problem that prevented multi-rest from being resized/
Fixed problem that prevented User Expressions from being deleted from palette.
Fixed crash when switching between master and active parts with Mixer view open.
Fixed problem when pressing ‘Enter’ key while entering chords.
Fixed problem that always pasted in tempo marks.
Fixed problem where Show>Grid was being set if Show->Rulers was set.
Fixed a problem with copying and pasting cross staff notes.
Fixed a problem with articulation placement on cross staff notes.
Fixed problem that caused Time code to be displayed on Active Parts.
Fixed a problem where tuplet brackets were getting misaligned.
Fixed playback problem with Arpeggios that crossed staves.
Fixed problem that automatically filled in the rests ignoring cross staff notes.
Fixed point size setting when creating tablature sizes.
When creating tablature tracks, mandolin and ukulele now do not have pitch offset of -12.
Improved mouse hot spot for rests.
Fixed problem that prevented leading rest from being deleted in pickup measures.
Fixed problem that created extra space on double bar lines at left edge of system that does not display a clef.
Fixed a few crashes when reading very old files.
Voice colors are now saved with preferences.
Fixed a playback problem when opening old scores that contained bank changes for MIDI devices that are no longer in the system.
Fixed problem with entering tuplets manually on off beats. (Ex quarter not triplet starting on 2nd beat)
Fixed crash when editing controller data in Score View.
Fixed a problem when adding meters after Hollywood lines have been set that caused the line to be drawn incorrectly.
Fixed problem that caused some repeat barlines to be drawn at different widths when using the Groove font.
Fixed a crash and a few other problems with importing MIDI files.
Fixed a problem when entering slurs on multiple voices.
Fixed problem with lines and arrows that started on the bass clef in a piano system.
Fixed a problem when deleting entire measures that contained a clef.
Fixed copy and paste crash at end of score while in Linear view.
Fixed text size problem when opening scores with page text.
Fixed problem with gain sliders going to 0 when dragging ones that use the same device and channel.

Update (5.5.0) - Aug 31, 2017

Added a resize control point to imported images.
Added the ability to tilt selected controller and velocity data in Data view. Just shift drag on the first or last selected data point.
Major change: Use Voice has now been changed to Use Channel giving you up to 16 channels and Notes>Set Playback Voice has been changed to Set Playback Channel.
Added a setting to always use Groove Font for Triangle and diminished characters in chord suffixes.
Added ability to select entire track(s) by dragging a rectangle around the left edge of the staff.
Added an Extend Slur command.
Added ability to respond to Vienna Ensemble Pro start/stop button presses.
Center the tuplet number over stem for tuplets not showing a bracket or slur.
Notes set to playback on a different channel than the track inspector setting, are shown in a dark brown color if Show Voice colors is enabled.
Improved Part Extraction control over notes sharing a stem, solo, and unison.
Add setting for enabling printing of cue notes on master score.

Fixed problem that caused SMPTE time on Transport to be displayed incorrectly deep into a long the score.
Fixed problems with Activation not remembering activation.
Fixed note vertical position being displayed slightly too high.
Fixed a problem that caused text to move small amounts vertically at different zoom levels and printing. Note: You may have to re-adjust some text like Rehearsal marks on older files.
Fixed several crashes with creating and clicking on Blank Scores.
Fixed another crash when opening old Overture 4 files.
Cue notes no longer print in gray.
Fixed display and printing on text set to opaque settings and show enclosure.
Fixed problem that left last measure notes on newly insert pages.
Fixed a problem with displaying a Major triangle symbol on chord suffixes.
Fixed slur playback playback offsets not holding their values in its dialog.
Fixed copy/paste bug that revealed invisible rests.
Fixed copy/paste bug that left beams as only an eighth beam when the copy was only a partial measures.
Fixed a rare copy/paste crash.
Fixed bug in Move to Next/Previous staff.
Fixed another playback bug with Arpeggios.
Added a little space at end for Key signature/meter warnings at end of system.
Fixed playback bug with slurs and key switches when starting in the middle of a measure.
Change the quick copy key stroke to ctrl + alt[option] click.
Fixed Notes>Add Interval menu command problems.
Fixed problem when pasting into a measure that had a clef change at end.
Fixed problem with loosing MIDI device for track, if there was no assigned instrument to the device in MIDI settings dialog.
Fixed misalignment of tuplet number on tuplets with no bracket or slur.
Fixed problem that caused invisible rest to become visible when copy and pasting.
Fixed problem when pasting partial measure data that caused beam to only show as an eighth note beam.
Fixed beaming patter on 3/4 meters to be on each beat.

Update (5.4.1) - Aug 16, 2017

New Features:
You can now enter foreign lyrics like Chinese, Japanese, etc. You still need to press the space bar to separate syllables. We are working on a solution to enter these more natural.
Greatly improved vertical staff spacing while dragging staves.
Added Downloads folder to built-in browser.
Improved playback of pauses and fermatas.
Improved text box enclosure spacing.
Added ability to open compressed MusicXML files from built-in browser.
Ctrl[cmd] click on Mixer MIDI effects (Chorus, reverb, etc.) now sends a 0 value and then turns off sending any future values.
Added a few more guitar chord fingerings.
Improved reading old Mac version 2 files.
Adding an articulation or ornament to a note will remove the existing one if it’s already added.
Added the choice to choose a tuning instrument in Convert Notes to Tablature dialog.
Added Edit>Match Hairpin Values menu command that changes hairpin start and end values to match surrounding dynamics.
Expressions now obey the Print Text setting in library when being dropped onto score.
Added additional Pedals in Group menu. Click on the small arrow at bottom right of Peal cell to choose the type of pedal.
Added menu command Edit>Open Inspector to open any dialog associated with a selected symbol. This is the same as double clicking on the symbol.
Added a setting in Chord Panel to display Major7 as just ^ and improved size and placement.
Added playing of note when dragging velocities.

Fixed problem with accidentals in tied notes especially with new No key signature choice.
Fixed problem with Hollywood lines not show meters on piano tracks and meters with two digit numerators.
Fixed problem that sometimes caused dragging tied notes to be dragged in thirds.
Fixed drag-copy of notes.
Fixed mandolin and bass guitar tuning settings.
Fixed paste problem that eliminated the beam on some notes.
Fixed problem that cause Advance Cursor to be reset to off during step input.
Fixed problem that caused articulation settings to be lost when duplicating a track.
Fixed incorrect display of half-diminished chord symbol.
Fixed problem with setting Lyric font in Lyric panel not being applied.
Fixed problem that prevented adding an accidental to the note at end of a tie.
Fixed a problem that prevented opening an older corrupted file.
Fixed problem when clicking over a note that has a lyric that started a new lyric instead of loading the current lyric.
Fixed problem when switching voices during step entry. The last entered note was moved to the new voice.
Fixed a random crash when using Notes>Notate as>Triplet on whole, half, and quarter notes.
Fixed problem with typing ‘h’ to switch enharmonics in Chord Panel.
Fixed problem that highlighted all symbols in Select filter even when a specific voice was selected.
Fixed problem that prevented Documentation from being loaded from Help menu.
Fixed problem that prevented open scores with the new Track Set feature used.
Fixed problem that showed wrapped part on next system for hidden hairpins.
Fixed Find Data not finding expressions unless type switch was enabled.
Fixed problem causing inserted rests in hidden measures (under multibar) to be drawn.
Fixed a few problems with GPO 4 and Kontakt Factory Library Sound Map.
Fixed problem with transposing chords chromatically downward.
Fixed accidental position in chord names from being a little low.
Fixed playback problem with hairpins from imported MusicXML files.
Fixed a crash when converting notes tablature when there is already a tablature staff that contained notes.
Fixed problem when pasting from treble clef to bass that caused slurs to be displaced.
Fixed incorrect opaque background in Text that uses Aloisen Groove.
Fixed extra accidentals showing when using Atonal key signature.
Fixed copy and paste of controller data.
Fixed playback problem with arpeggios on notes with down stem.
Fixed problem with drag-copy of notes on the Mac that left an extra note.
Fixed Mandolin tuning settings again. (Sorry about the previous version).
Expressions now obey the Print Text setting in library when being dropped onto score.
Added a little more space below note for Accent with dot articulation.

Update (5.4.0) - July 10, 2017

Added Staff Sets to the Tracks menu to allow groups of staves to be displayed quickly.
Added a Smart drum part recording. If you have the Replay button enabled you can individually record drum parts by overdubbing. See “Smart Drum Part Recording” in the online documentation.
Added Metakeys to quickly enter articulations, ornaments, dynamics, hairpins, and expressions. (x, shift-x). See online documentation for usage. This has been in the program for a while but settings were not being saved.
Implemented the Scrub Tool in Data View.
The Atonal setting in the track inspector has been removed and replaced with a more powerful method. When you insert a key signature you can now choose No key. This allows a composer to switch between atonal and normal modes in the middle of a score.
Added more documentation including a section on keyboard shortcuts.
The Modify controller dialog now remaps dynamic and hairpin controllers. The Modify Value settings are ignored for dynamics and hairpins.
VST/AU Plugin windows now have the parent track’s name included in the title.
Overture now fills in the tuplet dialog with expected type based on number of selected notes.
During step entry Overture now follows the last octave used when selected pitch was transposed.
Added add b5 and 7b13 chord.
Holding down shift key while dragging notes will toggle between the chromatic and diatonic preference setting.
The current voice commands have been removed from the View menu have been placed in their own menu.
Improved dragging of Hollywood lines.
MusicXML pedal marks are now read and written.
When you convert a tuplet note to rest, a tuplet bracket is automatically entered.
Improved chord suffix vertical alignment.
Added Solo and Mute current track commands in Tracks menu with shortcut key commands.
Added ability to import MIDI files with an incorrect conductor track.
Added a slight improvement to vertical spacing routines.
Removed the Notes section of the Select by Filter Data menu command.
Improved line spacing for multi-line text and Title page items.

Fixed playback problem with some glissandos.
Fixed problem that prevented last measure to be deleted. This bug was introduced in the previous version.
Fixed dynamic and hairpin alignment problem when dragging baseline.
Fixed MIDI device not being enabled occasionally. (Hopefully).
Fixed two problem with displaying composite meters.
Fixed problem with Composer Tools>Reverse pitches not showing accidentals until the altered notes were moved.
Fixed problem with MusicXML import not transposing correctly to concert pitch.
Fixed import problem with some MusicXML files not setting measure numbers correctly.
Fixed import problem with some MusicXML files not obeying MusicXML internal layout.
Fixed problem that when drawing vertical lines using graphic line tool.
Fixed copy and pasting of tuplets, again.
Fixed problem that caused the ‘e’ key to switch to the Eraser tool during step input.
Fixed problem that incorrectly converted symbol characters from old Overture files.
Fixed playback problem with grand pause.
Fixed problem that prevented some double sharp notes from changing to its en-harmonic.
Fixed problem that incorrectly converted MIDI notes to a wrong chord during chord input.
Fixed problem with using ‘o’ on tied notes during step entry.
Fixed problem with some beams display too high on bottom staff of grand staff.
Fixed problem that prevented file from being opened after cancelling New Score Dialog with the esc key.
Fixed problem that copied data onto measure when Inserting a new page.
Fixed problem that prevented copying from the bass staff into the treble staff on grand staves.
Fixed problem that caused insert track sizes to be larger than surrounding tracks.
Fixed problem with Add Interval function not applying the accidental correctly.
Fixed crash when adding a symbol to a note from the Graphics Palette.
Fixed problem that prevented chord symbol accidentals from being remapped to another font.
Fixed a small layout problem when inserting bars in the middle of a system.
Fixed crash caused by selecting a time signature and choosing Duplicate on Staff Below from the right click context menu.
Re-activation problems may have been fixed.
Fixed crash when reading some old scores that contained Page text.
Check marks are now displayed in Windows menu items for open windows/views.
Hairpins are now automatically set to surrounding dynamics. The menu item enabling this has been removed.
Overture now imports chords in MusicXML files.
Tuplet brackets can now nudge the same distance as notes.
Punch-in now correctly records first measure and last note.

Update (5.3.0) - Jun 1, 2017

Added user expressions to Track Inspector.
Added the ability to select move to the next/prev note and automatically select it using Alt[option] arrow keys.
Add check box to show/hide tempos in Time Code view.
Added the ability to change a slur to solid, dash, or dotted using Graphic Palette line type setting.
Changing endings font now changes all ending’s fonts throughout score.
While dragging endings vertically, holding down the Alt[option] key will set all endings to the dragged vertical position.
Added a Spacing Point size to Tuning tab in Inspector panel. This allows you to have symbols drawn at the same size of normal staves.
When saving as MIDI file you are now asked if you want to over write the file if it exists.
Symbols such as dynamics and hairpins that affect MIDI do not show in Data view if they are mute.
Dragging the Score Scale Slider in Score Layout panel now redraws the score as you drag.
Added a Triplet short cut command.
Added copy drag for text symbols.
Added ability to double click just past the clef (in key of C) to open Key signature dialog.
Added the ability to hear left hand staff notes when recording right hand and vice versa.
Added a Stem>Normalize menu command, that forces stem to follow scale position. NOTE: Check track stem settings.
Added an A Tonal setting in Track Inspector to be used in creating a tonal music scores.
Changed data values in Delete Measure dialog to use range instead of number of measures.
Added the ability to import Chord symbols on MusicXML scores.
Improved the placement of several MusicXML symbols.
Added the ability to control measure numbers on individual staves. Set this in Measure number dialog, just like Hollywood lines.
Improved the index in the Help>Online documentation.

Fixed problem in previous version that added extra space at end of measure when step inputting.
Fixed crash when opening a score while another score is open with Mixer view showing.
Fixed layout problem with an Active part when changing layout settings.
Fixed problem that did no save Measures per System in Layout panel.
Fixed display problem with Composite Meters.
Fixed many MusicXML import problems.
Fixed problem with Plugin windows not staying on top.
Fixed stem vertical alignment on tablature staves.
Fixed problem when opening a score by double clicking on it while another score is open with a Title dialog open.
Fixed a problem that caused graphic lines to change their original size when selected.
Fixed vertical placement of Tremolos on whole notes.
Fixed problem that prevented controller data to be drawn on first pickup measure.
Fixed problem that cause initial left hand clef if not bass clef on Piano tracks to be lost when switching to Linear view.
Fixed problem that cause tuplet bracket to move faster than selected note when nudging.
Fixed problem when pasting tuplets.
Fixed problem that incorrectly entered quarter note tuplets beyond first beat.
Fixed problem with nested tuplets entry.
Fixed crash when choosing MP3 export on Mac version by disabling it. MP3 export still doesn’t work on Mac.
Fixed time code calculations on scores that contained fermatas.
Fixed problem that displayed a whole filled rest on staves that contained cross staff notes.
Fixed crashes while editing MIDI data while playing by disabling editing while playing.
Fixed problem that required an ending key switch to return state back to beginning of score.
Fixed MIDI channel problem on newly added tracks using the ‘+’ icon.
Fixed crash while holding ctrl[cmd] key while pressing Audio Out Master channel strip in Mixer window.
Fixed jumping around problem when dragging the title bar on Color Selection dialog.
Fixed Done button not closing the Color Selection dialog.
Fixed Step input crash when choosing adding an articulation to a note whole notated value would cause it to be split over a barline.
Fixed problem when deleting all text in a Measure Text dialog that did not delete it from score.
Fixed transposed parts bug when importing MusicXML score with tracks that were written in transposed state.
Fixed vertical alignment on staff for alto clefs.
Fixed problem that set Program changes for expression off by one.
Fixed a crash when opening old Overture 4 files.
Fixed problem that prevented setting none for patch in Track Voice settings.
Fixed random capo positions problem on imported tracks.
Fixed problem when dragging Barre line handles.
Fixed problem that prevented entering C6 chord in ukulele tablature staves.
Fixed problem that hid all Title elements when only empty ones should have been hidden.
Fixed problem with clef changes on right hand staff when importing MusicXML scores.
Fixed crash on Mac when trying to quit while saving a score is still in progress.
Fixed problem with saving Volume controller setting in Track Inspector.
Fixed crash when double clicking on a Pause symbol.
Fixed incorrect value for 29.97 drop frame at certain time positions.
Fixed a crash when inserting a measure in the middle of system.
Fixed bug that inserted rests incorrectly when step inputting over a locked measure.
Fixed SMPTE number calculation errors for 29.97 drop frame.

Update (5.2.2) - Apr 16, 2017

Added an End of Score button to Delete measures dialog.
Improved placement of credit-words in MusicXML import.
Added ability to use navigation keys in choose font scroll lists.
Improved scale tool usage.
Increased zoom range down to 5%,
Added ability to double click in between clef and time signature to open key signature dialog.
Added ability to added additional tempo markings by ctrl[cmd] dragging existing tempos to staves below the top staff.
Added ability to use navigation keys while inserting lyrics.
Improved accidental spacing in Title text.

Fixed problem that prevented previously selected note heads not be deselected when selecting a new note head.
Fixed hairpin playback problem under glissandos that crossed barlines.
Fixed crash when ctrl[option] dragging text symbols.
Fixed crash when dragging slurs.
Fixed problem that dis allowed drawing graphic lines upward to the right.
Fixed problem with incorrect parenthesis size and dragging end points.
Fixed accidental problem when dragging diatonically.
Fixed printing problem with dots on guitar frame fingerings.
Fixed problem when switching back and forth and fonts getting mixed with scores that have Aloisen font for master score and Aloisen Groove for part.
Fixed problem when converting tuplets notes to non-tuplet notes.
Fixed problem that caused two tuplet symbols to be displayed when converting notes to tuplets in bass clef staff in piano parts.
Fixed problem to use correct key strokes for drag copying and moving entire slur on Mac.
Fixed Eb Clarinet transpose amount in track inspector.
Fixed problem when bracket placement when importing MusicXML scores.
Fixed problem that caused newly added pages to have one system per page when adding lots of measures to end of score.
Fixed rest size when pasting as cue.
Fixed problem in Track Inspector not show Transpose values correctly.
Fixed problem when extracting piano tracks that had a Bass clef set to bassa 8.
Fixed problem that forced step inputted notes to ignore duration percentage setting.
Fixed several bugs that caused extracted parts to have the vertical spacing too large and not dragging was prevented.
Fixed problem that caused the key switch to end early on notes that had a tremolo articulation.
Fixed problem that caused a crash when inserting a clef at end of measure in some situations.
Fixed playback problem when entering 15ma from the Notes menu.
Fixed problem when changing current track and midi channel not being set for MIDI thru.
Fixed problem with grid setting not being saved.
Fixed problem when undoing multi measures rests that caused remaining multi measure rests to be corrupted.
Fixed problem that lost font settings when switching font types in Score Panel Types section.
Fixed crash when double clicking of fermatas attached to rests.
Fixed crash when adding a clef at end of measures.
Fixed problem when inserting tenor clefs.

Update (5.2.1) - Jan 16, 2017

Improved default shape and placement of slurs, especially for slurs from grace note to main note.

Fixed problem that caused loop number of measures to be off by one.
Fixed position from note for artificial harmonic articulation.
Fixed playback of 15ma ottava when changed type of an existing ottava on score by double clicking and changing in dialog.
Fixed MusicXML export pitch problem notes with an accidental that was in key signature.
Track inspector is now updated for changes in Track>Remap.
Fixed problem with displaying cautionary accidentals in Bravura font.
Fixed old problem with MIDI device names not being read in correctly from file.
Fixed incorrect symbol being displayed for Heavier Marcato.

Update (5.2.0) - Dec 23, 2016

Improved dragging symbols in Active (extracted) parts. The following symbols can be dragged and have their new positions saved: Dynamics, hairpins, guitar chords, ties, slurs, text, lyrics, and symbols created with Graphic tool.
Improved font handling when switching between Aloisen, Groove, and Bravura. Any changes while switched are retained.
Added ability to insert elision characters in lyrics. These are sometimes used in Spanish lyrics. Simply enter a ‘^’ character and it will be replaced by a small tie on the score.
Changed how the slur note percentage value is used. Values 100 and below are considered a percentage of the total duration to the next note. Any value above 100 is used to add a number of clocks (value – 100 ) to the total duration up to the next note. This was changed ft handle situations where long notes that were slurred to a short notes and the slur note percentage increased the long note too far beyond the short note.
There is now a Font Settings button in the Layout panel Music font area. This lets you set various fonts for each music font style and have them applied to the score.
Improved Guitar frame symbol size and spacing.
Improved spacing between dynamics and hairpins for hairpins that include dynamics at either end.
Added punch in/out. Simply select the punch in measure by double clicking it or select a range by of measures double clicking the first measure and then shift double click the last measure. Note: Punch in/out only works on entire measures at this time.
Extracting parts ( Active parts ) now has the option to include guitar chords from another track.

Real time Mod wheel input now passes thru to the correct channel for the current track.
Fixed crash when zooming out all the way with mouse wheel in linear view with data.
Fixed crash when increasing/decreasing number of systems on last page.
Fixed problem when inputting chords with MIDI keyboard when the Enable button was also set in note palette..
Fixed crash when dragging slurs in certain situations.
Fixed several crashes that were introduced in previous version only. This mainly pertained to notes that contained articulations and ornaments.
Fixed problem when dragging Part Extraction expressions from palette onto score. The text was not automatically entered.
Fixed a problem that cause a few key switches not to trigger.
Increase/Decrease systems on page now works properly. This may require some manual tweaking due to the fact Overture allows you more control of systems per page.
Fixed a problem that caused some files to be corrupted when containing numerous changes to plugins assigned to tracks.
Fixed a bug in Tuplet dialog that incorrectly changed the note head value and durations.
Fixed a bug that incorrectly transcribed triplets.
Fixed a bug that did not save Auto Increment on Rehearsal marks.
Fixed problem in step input that caused quickly played notes to be group as a chord and not individual notes.
Fixed a crash on opening some old Overture 4 files.
Fixed a bug that did not connect tracks to GM Player 2 when opening a file.
Fixed Edit>Select track and Edit>Select none menu items that were broken.
Transpose diatonic now retains accidentals.

Update (5.1.2) - Nov 6, 2016

Add an Apply button to Articulations and Expression section in Track Inspector. This changes the playback setting for existing articulations/expressions in the score to the settings in panel. This works for selected symbols in the score, and if none are selected, then all symbols are affected.
Added the ability to send bank changes to articulations, slurs, and most symbols that affect playback.
Improved slur placement when creating new slurs.
Added ability to drag multiple data and tempo points in Data view.
Added Notes>Note As>Appoggiatura notes menu command.
Improved chord suffix spacing and element size when using Aloisen Groove font.
Improved alternate meter spacing, especially when using Aloisen Groove font. Improved dragging of the vertical bars for Hollywood lines.
Added the ability for hairpins to automatically set their start and end MIDI values based on surrounding dynamics and hairpins. You can enable/disable it in Options>Auto>Fill Hairpin Values.
Reduced the size of Aloisen Groove Text font lower case non-ASCII characters.
Overture now reads and writes MusicXML pedal marks.
Added option to default to Half-diminished chords instead of m7b5 in Chord panel settings.

Fixed value calculation problem in Hairpin dialog when setting middle dynamic value.
Fixed problem when dragging the end of a hairpin past the end of the system that sometimes caused hairpins in between staves to jump above top staff.
Fixed crash when step inputting tuplets just past a rest.
Fixed bug that incorrectly converted some tablature note heads when reading old Overture files.
Fixed crash when starting with a blank page template, The crash was introduced in 5.1.
Fixed Page Text alignment problem that always forced it to left edge.
Added a few missing characters in Aloisen Groove font and had to reposition a few to match changes in Bravura font.
Fixed problem with Undo/Redo buttons being overlapped on small screens.
Fixed problem that caused some notes that should be in top staff to be notated on the bottom staff of a piano track.
Fixed magic mouse scrolling in reverse direction in Data view.
Fixed a crash that occurred when extracting parts that resulted in a key signature ending the on last measure of system.
Fixed not saving several Page Layout Inches/Centimeters/ and Portrait/Landscape settings.
Fixed problem when converting note(s) to grace note and rests were not applied.
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